🍀 Mutable March! 🍀

Go with the flow, but let the flow know where you wanna go, tho

Welcome back rainbow butterfly children 🌈 👭🦋

Lots of updates ahead!!!!!!! Let’s kick it off with my MARCH NATAL CHART READING CALENDAR!  <~~~ Click this link to book your natal chart consults for the month of March. My availability is a tad limited for this current month, but hey! Check it out, book a time and then I’ll send you follow up booking/payment info. More details on the birth chart reading I’m offering is on my website: https://stevies.world/astrology

Next order of business: I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!! On our 4 year anniversary Pablo took me sledding and now we're gonna have a wedding! 🛷 👰 It’s a little scary how hard I’m leaning in to the corny vibes of getting engaged / getting married. Like...I really want matching airbrushed t-shirts for a Bachelorette Party in the Florida Keys. WHO AM I? #pabloandstevie #itsagoldsteinthing. You can hear the entire engagement story on this week’s episode of What’s Your Sign? It’s our opening convo up top, as part of our void-of-course moon episode! 

Take that Sun sign astrology! A Leo King and a Taurus Queen, defying the odds!!!!!! Sextile Moons in harmony <333333333



I previously mentioned that I would open up an advice segment in my newsletter and HUNNY IT’S HERE!!!!! CLICK THIS ADVICE FORM and submit your questions that will be answered in future newsletters. Feel free to submit anonymously.



Right now it is Pisces Season, I think we were all ready for some water in the sky. Don’t get me wrong, Aquarius cluster time was...uh...interesting...but I’m already in my head 24/7/365. I’m ready to get into my heart. Mars has recently spent some time in Taurus and will be moving in to Gemini on March 3rd, where it will stay until April 23rd. Mutable energy, hello, nice to see you!!! Mars, the action planet, in social Gemini is big collaborator energy. If you have had something you really wanted to work on with a partner or partners, this could be a super-charged time for that. Put out the feelers! Has your project been sitting collecting dust? Have a trusted friend give you notes! LET’S MOVE PEOPLE!!!!

The New Moon in Pisces happens on March 13, and a few days after that Mercury will also move into Pisces on March 15. Woooof that little Mercury Retrograde session we all just had. Who else felt that one? I’m so ready for some fresh water. Maybe it felt extra powerful with all that influence from Uranus & Mars in Taurus cuz mama’s entire laptop exploded and I lost two recordings of What’s Your Sign?...tragic. BUT on the flip side, that technology meltdown I experienced really helped me reevaluate my relationship with my gadgets and I am now motivated to take better care of them and not be such a screenshot hoarder. Annnnyyyways, later this month we will ram into Aries Season on March 20th and the next day Venus joins the Sun in the sign of Aries. We end the month with a Full Moon in lovely Libra on the 28th :) I hope this change over into more Mutable Water & Cardinal Fire will spark some conversation and action on what we need to feel and act like ourselves <3 Unedited and unapologetic, do no harm. If you want more on the New & Full Moons for this month, subscribe to What’s Your Sign? Patreon for New Moon and Full Moon bonus podcast episodes + our Discord chatroom (it’s fun!!!!) & monthly live Q&As, plus raffles for natal chart readings!



Should I retitle this to ~*Taurus consumerism corner*~? Anyways, some things that have been sitting pretty with me:



:::Vegan Bone Broth Recipe:::

Scoff all you want at the paradox, but I love sippin’ broths and I’m a minimal meat kinda gal. So I created a recipe for vegan bone broth! I combed through a bunch of recipes online and made a mash up of my own that I’ve been doing for a couple years now. The mushrooms and seaweed are a nice little digestion aide and it’s very easy to make. All you need is the ingredients and a crockpot!


In a large crockpot, slow cooker, whatever combine the following ingredients:

  • 3 stalks of celery chopped

  • 3 carrots chopped

  • 3 cloves of garlic chopped

  • 1 big chunk of fresh ginger chopped

  • 8 oz of shiitake mushroom (or sub whatever mushroom you like)

  • 1/4 cup dried seaweed 

  • turmeric (sprinkle as much as you want!)

  • 10-20 raw peppercorns

  • salt to taste

  • 10 to 12 cups of water

Slow cook for 8-10 hours (I usually do it overnight) and then strain with a cheese cloth. DO NOT STRAIN IT HOT! Let it cool.

Oh and in other food news I tried the TikTok pasta it was good!!!! Very easy, very tasty, I followed this recipe: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a35421563/baked-feta-pasta-tiktok/. Some pix:

Alright y’all that’s the end. I love creating this newsletter for you and thanks again for supporting me, my work, and my weird little lists.

Love you lots!

xoxo Stevie Anderson-Goldstein