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Hello email friends!

We are now fully charging through April, the time of our horned friends Aries & Taurus :) We’ll get into the astrology in just a minute, but first I’m gonna check-in and reflect. Oh actually, before I do that, let’s chat natal chart consults! My booking calendar for the rest of April is open! Click this link to book and I will follow up with you about your appointment ASAP! <3 


Alrightyyyyyy y’know 2021 has really just been a real rollercoaster ride. Each month has felt so dramatically different and unexpected than the previous. In pandemic news: your girl got her first dose! I currently have dose 1 of Moderna flowing through my veins and come early May I will be fully vaccinated. I know it’s sort of corny to be like ~omg what brand of vaxx did you get~ but I must admit, I was pretty tickled to get the Dolly Parton vaxx. GET YOUR VACCINE!!!!!!!!!

I think there’s a common societal misconstruction that if you believe in astrology or the metaphysical, then that means you don’t believe in science. Fuck all that! Did you see that petty-ass tweet from Ne*l x deGra*se x Tys*n about how astrology is BS when like...astrologers have taken into consideration the procession of the equinox this entire time, you asshole. I wouldn’t normally link the tweet and give him more views but the clapbacks on the thread are SO GOOD. Loved seeing the astro community come out HARD. Before this tweet brought his name to my attention, I had no idea he was a known TW: sexual abuser. Ahhhh...the on-brandness of starting an e-fight during the first day of Aries season—and you’re telling me astrology ISN’T REAL!!? Aries are TRUTH SEEKERS, HUNNY. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Hmmmm that reminds me, we should have a little talk one of these newsletter days on the whole “is astrology real” wormhole convo. I have thoughts! Onward! 


What’s Your Sign? was sooooooo stoked to host In The Stars, an astrological TV recap show on YouTube for Amazon Prime Video! Check out our first video on The Wilds! We breakdown the characters, while looking super hot and being hella funny. YAY US!


Ok sooOoOoo on a somber note...I debated if my newsletter was a space to share this and then I remembered it’s MYSPACE...

Last month/Pisces Szn delivered heavy on the feelings. My grandpa Bob passed away (I swear 2021 is just ~going for it~) and it was a lot!!!!! Grieving is intense!!!!!! While the Sun was in my 9th House (the house that represents grandparents) I said goodbye to my grandfather over video chat. It was heavy and complicated, since I don’t have much of a relationship with my paternal side, but death has no rules. I was very thankful my aunt found his birth certificate and I got to dive more into his chart. He was a Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising. I have fond memories of him chopping wood and snoring in his La-Z-Boy. I made a collage tribute to him that I posted on Instagram, because I didn’t know what else to do. I wanted to reflect on my memories and create something that embodied the energy of the time we spent together, here on Earth. RIP BOB. You were a nice old man. 


Alright I’ll wrap up this section in a bit, but it really is freaky how weird it feels to “return to normal”...and also infuriating to know that so many people have been “doing normal shit” this whole time. Whaaaaaateverrrrrrrrr. I feel so happy that I finally got to meet my friend’s baby for the first time! A cute little 29 Degree Gemini Sun pandemic baby! I took an airplane!!!!!! It was like riding a bike. My fiancé and I just got back from Sequoia National Park. If you are into the awe of natural beauty, check it out whenever you’re in California. Truly a feast for the eyes. 



This is a new section of my newsletter but I wanted to leave space for any astrology questions, advice, etc! Here’s the first ever question! 

Q: When did you decide to plunge into astro school? How was it? Do you recommend?

A: In 2020 I did the remote 1st year program at the Portland School of Astrology. I found it ~fine~. I decided to plunge into astrology school for two reasons: 1. I’m the kind of person that ever since I graduated from college, I’ve always liked to take some sort of extracurricular learning courses. I’ve taken comedic screenwriting classes at UCLA’s extension program, sketch comedy writing at The Pack theater, to name a few. Blame it on my Capricorn Saturn in the 6th, but I love structure (demonic laughter). I try to take some sort of class that’s in my interest every year. I’m still looking for something in 2021... and now reason 2. After launching the podcast, Julia, Lisa, and I were all of a sudden thrusted into the world of astrology consulting. We had no idea that the podcast was going to create a space where people wanted to hear about their chart from us!?!?! It was a really cool moment in our comedy/astrology/podcasting career to realize we accidentally became working astrologers. SO! Long story short, I Googled “astrology schools” and picked the first one I saw (Aries Moon life) and went for it! It was in my price range, time schedule, etc. PSA was ok! I would have liked it to be a little more organized and interactive, and we had some controversy with a teacher at the school who had a track record of issues that we were not informed of as a class before starting the program. Sooooo...that was disappointing. LONGISH STORY SHORT: You can be self taught astrologer, that is ok!!!!! You can also study and learn from astrologers you admire. That is also ok! Beware institutions always? lol I think that applies for wherever you study. While I have not taken courses with the following folks, I have heard great things about the teachings of Kirah Tabourn, Sam Reynolds, and Sabrina Monarch. A great thing I did experience by going to an astrology school was the people I met (I had such an amazing group/cohort) and to talk astrology shop with people of various skill levels and knowledge and perspectives was very helpful. I learned a lot from my crew! 

To ask a question fill out this form and your Q may be answered in the next newsletter: ASK AN ASTRO Q



ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, LET’S LOOK UP. We are fresh off a New Moon in Aries that just happened at 7:30PM PST on 4/11/21 ~ This New Moon was partying it up with Mercury and Venus all in Aries! We are still riding that high and if you have never done any work in ~manifesting~ today and tomorrow are perfect days to give it a shot (since we’re still feeling the posi-vibes of the New Moon). The reason being: Mercury is our communication planet + Venus is our planet of $$$, values, and love aka THE THINGS WE WANT! No better time then now! 

Manifesting is super loaded. Is it privilege or is it manifesting? A VALID AF QUESTION! I do believe in the power of words and visualization. I keep a New Moon journal specifically for manifestation mantras. My recommendation is to write your sentences as if it’s already real. Instead of saying “I hope to be an artist”, opt for “I am an artist.” There really is a power in seeing the goal, wish, or whatever you call it stated as though it is already happening. Now of course, as a reminder: manifesting is nothing without doing. Do it! If this is 2 woo 4 you, I think there is equal importance in listening to music that manifests powerful feelings. I Am by Young Tate ft. Flo Milli and Just Like Magic by Ariana Grande are some recent bops that are straight up spells!

We’re rounding home on Aries Szn! On April 14th, Venus will move into her home sign of Taurus! Taurus Venus energy is all about pleasure, comfort, and sensuality. Venus in Taurus means donating clothes if the fabric rubs you the wrong way. Pay it forward so you can receive more. Venus Taurus energy is about pure enjoyment. While Taurus Venus loves to feel good, it’s also knows it needs to work hard and bring home the bacon in order to get what it wants! This can be an ideal time for asking for more cassssh schmoooney, or at the least, starting to put out feelers for different financial opportunities. Uranus has been in Taurus for a hot minute, and encourages our typically stable aka risk adverse Bull placements to SHAKE IT UP. On April 19 Mercury will also move into Taurus, followed by the Sun later in the day and then it is officially TAURUS SEASON aka MY SEASON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, what was that? Thanks for asking! My birthday is May 2 and I will always accept cash gifts <3 Closer towards the end of the month Mars will move into Cancer on April 23 + and we’re going to have a HEFTY Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th in opposition to that Mercury, Venus, + Uranus we mentioned earlier NBD. I’m sure we won’t be heavily reflecting at ALL! 



I’m halfway through S3 and wanted to say that Miranda was done so dirty. She is a funny character!!! But criminally styled. :(  Everyone else gets to turn looks while they dress Miranda like Powder or Chucky. I hope she gets some fashion justice in the reboot.


Alright kittens, that’s it! That’s April! I love you, I love astrology, and I’ll see you next month aka my birthday month bb!!!! 

Smooch xoxo Stevie