Steamy summer energy.

Summer summer summer tiiiime. This summer is already hitting different. Is it the eclipses or Mercury Gatorade or the fact that we are suddenly thrust back into a booked and busy summer? Check D. for all of the above. Some updates on my end:

1. I won’t be opening my astrology booking calendar until the end of summer. I’m going to listen to the rhythm of the planets, and myself, and take it easy. I’m about to be reunited with my mom for the first time since 2019 *cry smile emoji* I have so many old faces to see. I need empty time to recharge. Until my calendar reopens the best thing to do is get on my waiting list. Click here to fill out your info. Once I have calendar slots open again, I’ll email those who signed up already so you’re first in the queue! 

2. I have to get my first root canal today and I’m scared. Fun-not-so-fun reminder: sometimes we have to do crucial things during Mercury Retrograde. Please don’t ever put off something that absolutely needs to happen just because there are astrologers that make people afraid to make a single plan during this time. RETROGRADES DO NOT MEAN THAT LIFE STOPS. IT MEANS BE PREPARED. Trust me, I tried hard to get an appt NOT in Merc Rx time, but this is just how my cookies crumbling. So I’m hoping for no surprises and a breezy tooth time. 


It’s Gemini Season until June 20th, the Summer Solstice, where we will then move into the time of Cancer. Mercury stationed retrograde a few days ago on May 29 where it will linger in Gemini until June 22. Some upcoming planetary shifts we’ll experience this month is Venus’s move from Gemini to Cancer on June 2. We’re still rolling through the eclipse season with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. This eclipse is part of the Gemini/Sagittarius series of eclipses. We’re still fresh off the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sag we had previously on May 26. The final eclipse in this series will take place at the end of the year on December 4th with a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sag. This series began back in 2020, on June 5th. Eclipses represent cycles, said to signify the beginning or the end of times. Chapters closing. End of an era. Beginning of forging a new path.

Think back to last June. I sure as fuck remember how insane that time felt. How have you changed? Have you kept your ideals? Has your social circle and community shifted? Gemini to me represents bite size information. It’s the journalist on the beat. Sagittarius is a longer, more winding-road thinker. The philosopher who zooms out to put all the Gemini pieces together. Now I’m not a person of ~shoulds~ but if this past year didn’t change you in any capacity, I’d be shocked. We are not the same people. We don’t have to be the same people. We are here to grow and redefine. We can change our mind. We are mutable. If the same shit you used to like doesn’t feel right anymore, acknowledge that. Our minds have been blown. Liiiiiike isn’t it wild that we are experiencing a deadly pandemic and our society cared for a whopping two months lol WOT If you die your workplace would just like... post your job immediately. They’re not your family. Unless you work at Olive Garden, where by law you are family. 

The day after the June 10th eclipse, Mars will move into Leo and I LOVE THAT. Talk about action from a heart centered space. Now mind you MERC IS STILL RX but I think this is a great spot for SPEAKING UP FOR OURSELVES. Setting some god damn boundaries.


Now a bit of a ~loving read~…Leo Mars can lean a little selfish sometimes. We’re still in sharing-ass-social-minded Gemini season! How can we all get what we need? Compromise > sacrifice. 

Later in the month while we’re in CANCER SZN (water babies make some noise) and we’ll have a Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th! Opposing Cancer & Capricorn energy is very vibes vs facts. This Full Moon might help shine some light on what we need to be our best selves. The Cancer energy in play with the Leo and Cap qualities feels very help me, help you. WHAT DO WE LITERALLY NEED TO GET THE JOB DONE. 

Before we hit July, Venus will move into Leo. This can be a great time to get in touch with *buzzword* SELF CARE. But for real...self care can be facial steamers and serums…it can also be making more space for alone time. Making meals for yourself that feel nourishing. Again, Leo is the SUN. It’s our LIFE FORCE. How do we refill our tank?



Thanks to the folks who submitted question for this month’s ASTRO ADVICE. Submit your questions for next month’s newsletter! Click this link and ask away ~~> ASK AN ASTRO Q


ANSWER: I’m going to assume you’re talking about someone natally having Venus and Pluto in Scorpio so I will frame my response with that in mind. Let’s start off with Scorpio. SCORPIO PLAYS FOR KEEPS. Scorpio is running this show, whether you know it or not. Venus, is not only our planet of love, but also values. In the mix with Pluto, a planet of revolution, can make the energy, dare I say...pretty heavy! 

When I talk to folks with Venus + Pluto together in Scorpio, the key phrase I come to is ALL OR NOTHING. If the Venus + Pluto Scorpio person is into you, IT IS ON. If they want to be single AF, they’re gonna be single AF. Scorpios do tend to get the ~obsessive~ rep, but liiiiiiiiiike they just like keeping tabs on their kills, ok!!!! They want to know if your new boo is a downgrade from them...and they’re not sure if their ex’s boo being a downgrade would make them feel any better, cuz they’re competitive AF so if you’re going to not worship them anymore, you better be dating someone who they deem as worthy. 

Ultimately, there’s a lot of love to give. Just make sure it's consensual and know that love doesn’t always mean a person ~should know~ how you’re feeling. People can’t read your minds, water signs! Tell them what you want, what you really, really want. No judgements! <3 




  • Kid90 (Hulu)- Officially one of my new fav documentaries. Child actor/writer/director Soleil Moon-Frye (Punky Brewster for those who don’t know) recorded basically every moment of her young fame-filled life. The footage in this doc is out of this world. This doc hits so many sweet spots for me: coming-of-age, 90s young Hollywood and a WHO’S WHO OF CAMEOS (Leo DiCaprio!! Charlie Sheen!! The list goes on) ~~ plus the pain, the death, and the destruction experienced during the wildly fabulous life of Soleil. It’s funny, it’s raw. I love this fucking movie and it inspired me to order an old school camcorder and get recording! SPOILER THAT’S NOT A SPOILER: The acid trip scenes are so tender and pure GAH. Bravo, Soleil! 

  • Zoodler - Absolutely obsessed with my zoodler, spiralizer or whatever you wanna call it. I am FLYING through zucchinis and squashes. I don’t really use it as a ~pasta alternative~ because I’m me, but I think it’s a fun way to eat veggie sides in a different format. The ribbon cut is supreme.

Sautee your zoodles with a little olive oil, salt, pep. You are good to go. Also...I never realized this is what a vegetable looks like after it's spiralized. I am a clown child who thinks this is funny. 

  • Bennifer Round 2 - Look A-Rod is a FOOL. His dumb ass flirting with some Southern Charm RANDOM?!! FOOL!!!! I’m glad Leo queen J.Lo left that Leo for her old Leo! LEOS! Leo on Leo action makes me happy. Times are weird. I’m happy for these kooky kids! 

  • Getting new tattoos - Dang I haven’t been tattooed in...so long. 2018? Maybe 2019? And then I just got two! Teehee. I got this cute little cloud portal from artist Liz Kim and then on the last day of Taurus szn I got a bull tattoo from spiritual advisor/tattooer Small Spells. Check out their work!

  • Girls5Eva (Peacock) - 🎶 Gonna be famous 5 eva / Cuz 4 ever’s 2 short 🎶  Need a cute, smart, LOL comedy you will watch in one sitting? 8 episodes of pure feel good and actual laughs? Please watch Girls5Eva. The plot is centered around a former late 90s/early 00s girl group takes a second shot at fame!. Love the cast, the songs, the JOKES. A TV SHOW WITH JOKES!!! We love to see it. Sara Bariellies (random, love it) kills it, I now need Renée Elise Goldsberry in EVERYTHING, I’m so happy to see Busy Phillips, and Paula Pell!!!!! *mic drop*

  • In The Stars with What’s Your Sign? - My podcast (listen, subscribe, + rate duhhh) has more videos out with Amazon Prime Video astro recapping their shows! Check out our In The Stars episodes on Good Omens and The Wilds Pt 2! Like and comment on our YouTube vids so we can keep making more, bb!!!!!

I hope the rest of your June is charming: filled with recreation and restoration. Kisses xoxoxo Stevie