May Time, Excellent.


Hello, May! 

We are back and we are steadily moving through Taurus Szn! We’ve had so much Venus energy pulsating in the air, COULD YOU FEEL IT?! Mercury, our communication planet, is currently in Gemini so let’s just get to it, shall we? First up:



MERCURY RETROGRADE ALERT! As I just mentioned, but it bears repeating, Mercury is in its home sign of Gemini and it’s here for an extra long while due to Mercury Retrograde, starting May 29 lasting ‘til June 22. Astrology aside, we are existing during a REALLY WEIRD TIME RN! Idk about you, but after getting vaccinated, it’s absolutely trippy AF to be social again. It’s also trippy AF to be reunited with friends and realize some friends have just been social this whole time(?!?!?!) The world has been turning??????? and the worlds ?!?! just gonna ?!?!! maybe one day soon not be pandemic-y?!?!!!!!!! (We’re still very much in it, just sitting in some mind explosion rn hbu?). I’ve chatted with friends who feel collectively rusty when it comes to conversing. We recently had a lot of planets in cozy Taurus, a sign ready to indulge and now we’re moving in Gemini times, a very social and friend-minded sign. I’m intrigued by this Merc Rx. I think it’s an invite for us to not say yes to every invite. To be intentional. I have my natal Mercury in Gemini and something I’m always working on is to not impulsively just say yes, when sometimes it’s a no. Just because we can overbook ourselves like pre-pandemic times, doesn’t mean we must.

Mars is still in Cancer for the rest of the month. If big fiestas aren’t for you just yet, maybe gear towards the more intimate and close to home occasions. Now, here’s the real goss: Jupiter is moving into Pisces on May 13! THAT IS SOME PARTY SAUCE. Pisces is very ~drunk orgy sloppy wet kisses sharing drinks from the bottle~ sort of vibe. I think we’re all ready for some FUN! ...but are we ready? IDK!!!! There’s so many factors saying to go full throttle...but as a loving astro reminder from me, Your Astrological Cheerleader™,  feel it out. It’s ok if you’re someone who needs to pace yourself. It’s ok if you’re a person who is ready to go full buck. We need pleasure. We need rest. Let’s see where it all fits together. We’re still under the Taurus Sun until May 20th, and then it will move into Gemini. It’s a great time to get yourself situated for all the potential this year can bring us.

Speaking of ~ TODAY IS A NEW MOON! On May 11 we have a New Moon in lovely Taurus making a very sexy Sextile to Neptune in Pisces :) Not to get cheesy, but what an amazing day to turn your dreams into reality. Speak to your dreams like they are real. Give them form. Give permission to magic, allow it to infuse into your waking reality. I believe in you.

Thanks to everyone who booked readings with me while I was ~reading up a storm~ in April! My books are closed for the rest of the month, BUT you can always submit a one-off question that will be answered in next month’s newsletter! Click this link and ask away ~~~~~~~~> ASK AN ASTRO Q



This is the section where I go full-ass-Taurus and list some of the things I’ve been ~into~ liiiiiiiiike:

Alright, that’s it. Let’s go do the rest of May, babies! I’ll be emailing you again in June.

xo Stevie