My 1st newsletter!

logging on :)

Hi friends,

I appreciate you so much for subscribing to Stevie’s Email Energy: a newsletter that will touch on astrology, recipes I enjoy, things I’m grooving on, and honestly WHO KNOWS. This is a check in & the first post to get this shit rollllllliiiiiiinggggggg!

This email will also include my monthly booking astrology calendar + any new offerings that arise + SPECIAL OFFERS aka DISCOUNTS BB for my email subscribers.

So lets get down to business:


If you already filled out the Google Form to book a reading then the next step is selecting a date on my calendar: BOOKING CALENDAR JAN 2021 // If you’re like wtf is all this follow this link to learn about booking a natal chart consult with moi.

My calendar is pretty limited in January because I AM MOVING!!!!! (hello Aqua transits moving into my 8th house) and honestly? I need time to pack and get my shit together. Also…not gonna lie…I’ve been feeling super unmotivated during the beginning of 2021. The white supremacist attack on the Capitol was absolutely disgusting and has been a stain on my mind since it happened.

I woke up this morning feeling so blah. What’s the point? Who cares about an astrology email, the world is on fire, yadda yadda.

I checked my feed and saw that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did an IG Live the night before. For 1 hour and 2 minutes I laid awake in bed, listening to her powerful words. My cat Rosie rested on my stomach as I absorbed AOC’s insights on trauma, accountability, and justice, while my cat absorbed the stress I was carrying. I gave my cat the deepest shoulder massage she ever had while I sat in deepest gratitude of the unstoppable AOC.

A post shared by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@aoc)

AOC validating the trauma that she and our country experienced made my eyes mist. So many of us have felt extremely gaslit that this terrorist attack was “no big deal” and to “move on and heal”. Truly ~fuck all that~. I don’t want to move on. We can’t move on. Our nation needs to atone and face facts. You can’t sweep racism under the rug. AOC knows this and to bring it back to astrology she is CARDINAL AF.

Her Libra Sun/Mars/Mercury all up near her Midheaven is such a beautiful and literal translation of BEING/FIGHTING/SPEAKING for justice on the highest level. Also…as a fellow Aries Moon, your girl knows how to FIGHT. Gah, I just love her. I’m not one to encourage fandom of politicians, but damn, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the real deal baby. We’re so lucky to have her.

Ok so…now here we are. Feeling a bit of hope and ready to make a newsletter.

My plan is to send out one email close to the end of the month so that way you will get:

  • The upcoming month’s booking calendar

  • Recaps of the past months transits and some insights on what’s coming up

  • Other fun things! I am excited to share recipes, music recs, movies/tv I’ve been into. Idk I guess I’m blogging?

Ok I love you and I’ll be checking back in come the end of the month (or maybe early Feb, again I’m moving so bare with a bicht) hehehe ok ttyl!!!

xo Stevie

PS ~ If spelling errors destroy you sryy again this is a CHILL EMAIL!!!

PSS ~ Edited some House info on AOC’s chart cuz I accidentally lumped her Merc in the 10th House I’m sorry I got excited XO