Pendulum’s in full swing + astrology readings: August 2021

Uranus overload, cucumbers, fuckboys, oh my

Hello freaks! We are basking in the sunshine of Leo season, isn’t it marvelous? It’s burning bright in my 2nd House, so I’m digging it hehe. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get down to business...


My books are BACK OPEN!!!!! FULL SWING. I am soooo happy I am able to offer even more spots for August and because of that I’m running an exclusive August special <link has info>! Spots are open starting August 9th! If you need a slight time adjustment I am happy to work with you, please reach out to me directly and let me know how to best accommodate you. I am so excited to go over your chart, in detail, with you! BOOK A SESSION BY CLICKING AND CLAIMING A SLOT HERE. I am also adding a new offering to my natal chart readings...


I am now offering a 5 question pendulum session that you can add on to any natal chart reading! I fell in love with using the pendulum after a trip to Salem, Mass (classsssic) back in 2015, when I walked into a witch shop during a big ass snowstorm. Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel like you’re called to something? Like you’ve found something you weren’t even looking for?!?! I walked in the store and went straight to the pendulums on the counter. 

There were so many gorgeous crystals on chains and question boards. I had never worked with a pendulum before that moment, but I instinctively picked up the jasper pendulum on the wooden YES/NO/MAYBE board. The first thing I asked ~in my mind~ was “do you work?” It swung: YES.  

::: I wasn’t moving it. How did this work? :::

I asked in my mind “are you fucking with me?” It swung: NO.

What shook me was how it did a hard stop from the YES swing motion and did a hard pivot to NO. 

“Is my middle name Marie?” It swung: NO. 

“Is my middle name Alexis?” It swung: YES. 

“Should I bring you home?” It swung: YES.

I love the pendulum for asking clear cut questions rooted in the present or the completed past. Astrology gives us so much room to wonder and contemplate. I love pairing it with the undeniable universal truth a pendulum can unlock. I used to do pop-up pendulum readings at galleries in LA, so I am excited to incorporate one of my fav mystical tools into my astrology practice<3 



Please get vaccinated. Do it. Go. I’ve had folks in the mystic/wellness community DM me / post things saying I/we shouldn’t be promoting the vaccine and that we shouldn’t tell people what to do with their bodies. The vaccine isn’t your personal decision akin to whether you want to eat gluten, dairy, or non-GMO. There are real lives on the line.

Elvis getting the polio vaccine on national television in 1956, because yes, Americans have always been afraid of science and they especially hate being told what to do.

Getting the vaccine is considerate. My frontline friends and family are TIRED. I think there is a misconception that folks in astrology or the magical arts are anti-science and are always going to be ~peace and love~. I am pro-science and I think it’s selfish not to get the vaccine. Please note in this conversation: I am not judging folks where it is physically not safe for them to take the vaccine, as rec’d by doctors. I am not talking about those who have been marginalized, ignored, misled, and traumatized by doctors historically. I speak to those who are privileged enough to know better. I love peace and love, but I also love accountability. Talk to your friends and family, see if you can offer them a ride to get vaccinated. Please continue to wear your mask as much as possible and especially where it is required.

Check this out: / Stay healthy, stay safe. Consider helping out society by vaxxing up!!!!



Thanks for the handy graphic, What’s Your Sign? Podcast! (New episodes every Monday + bonus content on Patreon bb!)

We are basking in the Leo glow, but with that Leo glow comes a whole lot of FIXED ENERGY. Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, + Scorpio are our Fixed sign friends and with The Sun/Merc currently in Leo plus Saturn in Aqua, PLUS Jupiter in Aqua, aaaaand Uranus in Taurus, well that my friends is a lot of FIXED!  The beginning of the month may have us really checking back in with ourselves on a practical level. Fixed loves results and real seeable action. If we have been feeling a little loose and unstructured, Fixed are happy to put us back on track. Do you need to get back to keeping up with your calendar? Waking up early? Doesn’t hurt that all this Fixedness is ushering us nicely into can-do Virgo season! The astrology of August summarized feels like a friend checking in. 

No judgments! Staying “on track” when it comes to our routines is hard af. We fall off, we get back on. With so much action coming from Uranus this month, we could be encouraged to try taking care of ourselves with a different approach. If the old ways feel tired, they probably are. Uranus is *take a shot* the planet of chaos. Chaos reigns, bb. We can’t do the same things forever and Uranus is here to make sure of it.



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  • FBoy Island (HBOMax) - Once again, HBO just killing it. I love a solid reality format and FBoy Island nailed it. I do hate that they didn’t just call it FUCKBOY Island...but I’m not alone on that one. Three women are looking for love and the pool of suitors are either ~Nice Guys or Fuck Boys~ can they figure out who is who? I was pleasantly surprised by the that it’s not only the women trying to find out who’s a FBoy…the Nice Guys are ALSO trying to out the Fuck Boys!!!! It’s very The Mole meets Love Island. Luvs it. Great turn of your brain and enjoy the ride TV.

  • Leo Oil - Have I not recommended this groundbreaking face serum yet? I will sing its praises all day long and for all of the Astrologiens products for that matter. Their holy grail item is their Leo Oil and I love that it’s natural and how a little amount of product goes a long way. If you have ever been oil/serum curious this is a very friendly intro. Shout out to founder Dena Smith for this magical potion. Summertime is a great time to lean into ~the dew~.

  • My nature world in songs playlist - I created this playlist of songs that prominently contain natural world sounds: crickets, frogs, waves, dogs, etc. If you have any vibes recommendations that fit this requirement, please comment them on this post :) 

  • If You Have To Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You by Kelly Cutrone - Ok y’all this book…hear me out: OG girl boss (lmao), Scorpio, spiritual freak, St. Kelly Cutrone. If you were ever a sucker for MTV hits like The Hills or its spin off The City, then you KNOW it’s all about power publicist Kelly Cutrone. Kelly is Mama Wolf, alpha business bitch, NYC AF. Her journey to success is fascinating to me, but I was really tickled to discover how WOO WOO her book was. From her time as tarot reader on the Venice beach boardwalk to her deep devotion to the goddess Durga, I really enjoyed her meta physical approach to running her life and business. 

CW: The book is from 2010 and I would say there are a small handful of...questionable takes regarding sexuality, queerness, feminism, & heteronormativity.

  • Cucumbers and tzatziki yogurt dip snacky salad - I’m not reinventing the wheel here with this snacky salad but it has been hitting the spot and is super easy to whip up in two minutes! 


Two or three Persian cucumbers*, two globs of tzatziki yogurt dip**, juice of half a lemon, few cranks of black pepper, sprinkling of Maldon salt

*you can use English cucs, but I prefer the Persian since they are crispier

**I just bought a store brand one, but feel free to make your own! 


Chop up a couple Persian cucumbers into coins. Put in bowl. Put remaining ingredients in, mix, eat. Boom, easy. 

  • Perverted Little Secrets - Perverted Little Secrets is an account created by my Aries friend Veronica. It’s an amazing curation of journal entries, blog posts, pictures, and nostalgic cringe content from the Pen15/early 00s era. I love this account and I know you will too. Submit yours today ;)

That’s the end of the August email folks! I am excited to see some of you this month during our natal chart sessions. And for the rest of you, see you in Virgo szn!

Xo Stevie