rounding home on mercury retrograde 

what we talk about when we talk about mercury retrograde

Welcome back folks!!!!! Wow where the hell have I been lol 


I disappeared for a bit because is anyone else just zonked? Is it the pandemic wall we talk about? The end of a year in sight?

From the end of September until just recently we had six planets stationed Retrograde and I just couldn’t do shit. Anyways...I’m back! Moral of the story: sometimes we rest without the goal of returning to being productive. I’ll fill you in on where I’ve been and what’s happening astrologically but first: LET’S TALK MERCURY RETROGRADE.

It’s Mercury Retrograde RN! But like, don’t worry it's almost over! Tomorrow actually! (Also so classic I have the zest to check back in when Merc goes direct, very on brand, astrology is real etc, etc…)

Mercury stationed Retrograde on September 27 at 25° Libra and it will end on October 18 at 10° Libra.  While Merc will go direct on the 18th, we will still be in the murky shadow phase until November 2nd. A few weeks ago, when I was putzing around my house thinking: **shit should I send out the email energy...dammit I am a BAD newsletter person...I didn’t even send a September email...wait I made these rules of creation up for myself, chiiiiilll Stevie chilllll** I did have a moment to myself where I thought WOW I really could send an email with a subject like OH NO BITCH ITS MERC RX or WAKE ME UP WHEN MERCURY RETROGRADE ENDS ….but also Merc Rx happens like 3-4 times a year and I think that the astrology-internet, particular big companies, try to make you really afraid of Merc Rx times and market off of that fear so you buy something and idk I felt myself fatigued with how we even TALK about Mercury Retrograde!  I’m sure most of you reading this knew it was Merc Rx...but maybe some of you didn’t. Should we try in our lives to have an astrology placebo effect where we don’t sit and stare at the calendar thinking life starts after Retrogrades? We live through Retrogrades. We learn through Retrogrades. 

During this Retrograde, Merc has been transiting my 4th House, my lil cozy private space, and I’ve chosen to honor this time by just being nice to myself, even when I’m not living up to my own standards. Libra is a social sign. It’s the first sign in the zodiac that meets other people. I found during this Merc Rx a big theme really is the company we keep and where we choose to expend our energy. Who, what, where, when…whatever. How was this Merc Rx for you? I wrote these reflections based on rising sign for What’s Your Sign’s podcast episode all about his most recent Merc Rx. Check out the prompts below and feel free to reflect, whether writing in a journal or just straight up thinking. 


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Alright I’ll make it snappy cuz truly ever since September life has been fast and slow and a blur and crystal clear. I dipped down to Puerto Vallarta with my bestie on the Virgo New Moon and soaked in some bonding, adventure, and reflection time. I watched a sea turtle give birth in the middle of a gay resort. I have now seen God. I’ve changed my hair. I’ve seen some friends I haven’t seen in so long. I’ve laughed at comedy shows, looked at art...ok maybe it IS Libra season LOL. 



We are in the final days of Libra Szn, as the Sun will move into Scorpio on the 22nd, but hold up we have a BIG FAT FIERY FULL MOON IN ARIES on the 20th! Mars has been in Libra, snuggling up with the Sun and Merc for a bit now and this Full Moon in Aries should be a nice big sigh of relief on where we want to refocus and reprioritize in our lives. Aries is a sign of SELF and Libra represents how we work with the OTHER. We need a bit of both folks! If it has only been working for others and not for you or vis-versa, this surely could be the Full Moon to shine a big light on where you can help others and receive help yourself. Tight.

Check out some of the rest of the transits for the rest of October from this handy graphic via What’s Your Sign?

We have some fun action with Jupiter towards the finals days of the month with a nice little Sextile to Venus and Trine to Mercury, perfect for Halloween weekend! I think this is encouraging for creative and playful vibes for the holiday. I could see these transits encouraging those who are poo-poo on costumes even give it a whirl! I mean maybe even just throw some damn animal ears on and be a bb woodland freak! LIVE A LITTLE! Mars moving into Scorpio tho...very intrigued to see how this shift will crank up all our sexual energy :) If the horny aspects of your life have been feeling a little dull this may be a nice encouragement to go after what you want. No shame, no taboo. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.



  • PinkPantheress - PinkPantheress became known through her super fast, saccharine songs being straight up shareable bops on TikTok. Once I heard her music I was like “wait did she make all this music just for me?” It hits all my favorite elements: UK garage beats mixed with vocals and lyrics reminiscent of Lily Allen or Sarina Paris. I have been listening NON STOP. 

  • Squid Game (Netflix) - No hot takes here. Squid Game is the talk of the town! It’s so damn good!!!!!!!!!!

  • Back on my true crime doc buuuuullshiiiiit - Maybe it’s the crisp autumn air but I am firmly back on true crime aka GIVE ME GOOD RECS PLZ. My most recent binges were John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise, a doc series from Peacock. Ooof... the interview footage with him and the over all tone of this doc was super enjoyable. I’ve always been aware of this case, but this doc was great if you really want to be walked through the entire history of his crimes. Plus, I lived the town over from Gacy so personally it was very eerie to see such an accurate depiction of the sleepy NW burbs of Chicago. Growing up every friend’s uncle had an “I was almost abducted by Gacy story”. Chilling. I also really enjoyed Wild Crime on Hulu. It was pretty solid, especially for those who enjoy the more detective-y angle doc.

See you sooner than later. Forever yours, Stevie