time flies when it’s july

where is my mind / newsletter / oh hey, babe

HIIIIIII. I missed you! This newsletter is coming out a little later than planned and won’t be as lengthy this time around cuz:

1. Don’t we all have that summertime sadness
2. August is around the corner so I’ll be back soon, promise. 

I just spent the last 2.5 weeks back home in the Midwest. I saw my mom for the first time since 2019, went to my grandpa’s funeral, partied in Chicago, road tripped Wisconsin, ate a lot of cheese curds + pretzels, cried, laughed, danced, etc. etc. It was HEAVY, helllooooooo Cancer Szn. Can we say FAMILY TIME. I got to take my fiancee to my grandparents home ( + see it for prob the last time ?!) that’s in a small town on the Mississippi River, through the rolling dairyland. I drove him around the 80 acres of soybean farm on a busted ATV. It was the place where I spent so many hours being a different person, but ultimately it was and still is me. Facing your past can be hard (Cancer Rising + Mars here). My inner child really went through it on this one. *finally exhales*

Something funny I noticed that my long lost Midwest-as-hell relatives kept asking me was “How did you end up in LA? What made you decide to go? Isn’t it hard and expensive? How can you afford it? Is it going to fall off into the ocean? Aren’t you afraid of earthquakes?” …after a bajillion tornado warnings on my trip back home, I came to appreciate how you can’t really brace** for an earthquake, it just happens. I still fear them, but my native Angeleno partner always says, “by the time you notice it, it’s over”. Grass is greener, huh? Climate change suxxxxxxx.

**Please have a go-bag ready if you live in earthquake country.

This questions from my family weren’t coming from a mean spirited place, but from a place of baffle. How did this happen? How did I change my life? How does anyone break patterns? Especially those tied to our trauma and history? This trip back home felt like I was an observer, watching patterns that I used to partake in. I’m new now.

I am not a risk taker by nature (Super Taurean, Super Cancerian) but I love when risk finds me (Aries Moonchild). An astrological thing that kept coming up for me on this trip was WOW YOUR SATURN RETURN IS NEVER REALLY OVER. Ok, this is stoner boner thought but hear me out…sometimes folks think those 2-3 years Saturn ~literally~ returns for your ass is a time to be put thru the ringer, chewed up and spat out. <Partially true> It’s also impossible to unsee what you saw before Saturn returns for you. Choosing to not see what’s actually in front of us, what we truly experienced is...a choice! WE CAN’T UNLEARN SATURN’S LESSONS. Just because it’s over, doesn’t mean we’re done.

So the answer to my family’s Qs on how I changed my life <which was right on time with my Saturn Return ~ SATURN CAP GANG MAKE SOME NOISE> wasn’t simple, but it was a little linear. I’m getting older and I’m learning. I’m making the effort to learn. I made budgets. I worked overtime. I sold stuff. I set deadlines. Real shit. It wasn’t easy. Sometimes you have to go back to go forward. Sometimes you have to go forward to go back. A mantra I keep coming to in my New Moon manifestations is “I am living my dream life because I created it”. I hope you are all living the lives you dream to create. If you’re not there yet, you will be. Build it. Not everyone’s dream is the same, but it's all uniquely yours. Gratitude’s the attitude.


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That New Moon in Cancer we had on the 9th was nice, right? It’s was pretty cool to experience the recent Cap Full Moon + Cancer New Moon ~not during eclipse szn~ / This was the first cycle since the Nodes left Cancer/Cap and...yea neat!

Currently we’ve had the nice double fiery force of Venus + Mars in Leo, but that changes when Venus moves into Virgo on July 21. Next day on the 22nd we enter Leo Szn! MEOOOOW. 

Some other upcoming planetary news is the Full Moon is happening in Aquarius on July 23 followed by Mercury’s move to Leo on July 27. The big transit I have my eyes on is Jupiter Retrograde from Pisces to Aquarius on July 28th. Jupiter Retrograde is a frequent celestial experience, going retro 4 months a year, but this Rx back into Aquarius is going to last til Dec 28, 2021! That dreamy splash of Pisces Jupiter was fun, huh? But now we got to get our heads on straight. Aquarius energy can initiate some real talk, reflection, and innovation. See where the Aqua in your chart is being influenced by big baby Juptz. Before we have the full blown party/long-term fun fest that is Jupiter Pisces to come, we have to get Aquarian with it one last time. Let’s think a bit about our future and what we want in our orbit, before we get a little freaky again. Disco naps for all. Kapeesh. 



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  • Tequila w/ an orange slice - My Virgo mom is filled with the best tips and tricks. One night at her house I asked if she had any mixer, like club soda, for tequila. She said, “did you know a slice of orange can nicely replaces a mixer for tequila?” and low and behold she was fucking right. I wish I took a pic or had a pic to demonstrate because Google Image does NOT get what I’m talking about. So follow these simple instructions:

    • Slice an orange, not too thin/not too thick.

    • Place at the bottom of a tequila glass, flat and down bb.

    • Pour ice cold tequila over it.

    • Enjoiii

If you have already been on the tequila-orange train, just know I am late to the party but happy to arrive!!!!!!!

  • Stop Making Sense - Oh to be on molly in a cabin truly cutting a rug (rug feel so good). We threw on the Stop Making Sense concert movie from The Talking Heads and holeeeeyyy shit. Yet again, a case of late to the party, happy to arrive. 

Here’s the concert in full on YouTube. Did you know I love throwing on a good concert YouTube vid? It’s true! Some concerts we watched/dance/madeout to after this one were the Spice Girls at Wembley and Björk: Biophilia Live

  • I must shout out Tempest Oyster Bar in Madison, Wisconsin because it was so tasty and I got a very sexy pic in their Botticelli clam shell seat. Hello, Wisconsin! 

See you in August, bitches.